Fort Leonard Wood Bible Seminar | Session 2: Information in the Bible – Prophecy vs. Mystery (The Bible-Believing Position to the 2,000 Year Gap)

Seminar Description:

Join us as we address the important topics concerning the layout, applications and instructions in the Bible.  During our time, we stress the importance of rightly dividing scripture (2Tim2:15) in order to preach the gospel of Christ (Rom1:16; 2Tim1:9-10), the preaching of the glorious mystery of the cross (1Cor1:17-18; 2:6-8; Gal6:14), affording salvation sent to all men freely by God’s grace (Rom3:21-26; 1Tim2:4-6) in this dispensation of God’s grace (Eph3:1-9; Rom16:25-26; Col1:25-26), clearly.

Session 2:

In this session, we address the difference between prophetic and mystery information found in the Bible.  Instead of reducing the prophetic timeline to allegorical or spiritualized teachings, we take the literal, Bible-believing position that both recognizes prophecy ran its course through the Messiah’s cutting off and resurrection, but he revealed a mystery to the apostle Paul regarding the fall of Israel (Rom11:11,25-32) and the institution of the body of Christ in this dispensation of God’s grace (Eph2:11-16; 3:1-12; Col1:24-26).  God will resume his covenantal plan and purpose with Israel in the future (Rom11:25-28; Cf. Jer31:31-34; Heb8:8-10), but that is not his plan and purpose in this dispensation (2Cor5:16-21; Gal6:15; Eph2:15).

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