Fort Leonard Wood Bible Seminar | Session 3: Rightly Dividing James & Paul

Seminar Description:

Join us as we address the important topics concerning the layout, applications and instructions in the Bible. During our time, we stress the importance of rightly dividing scripture (2Tim2:15) in order to preach the gospel of Christ (Rom1:16; 2Tim1:9-10), the preaching of the glorious mystery of the cross (1Cor1:17-18; 2:6-8; Gal6:14), affording salvation sent to all men freely by God’s grace (Rom3:21-26; 1Tim2:4-6) in this dispensation of God’s grace (Eph3:1-9; Rom16:25-26; Col1:25-26), clearly.

Session 3:

In this session we use the revelation of the mystery body of Christ (Rom16:25; Eph2:15; 3:1-10) saved by gospel of the grace of God not under law (Rom6:14) given to the apostle Paul (Ac9 & 26), to deal with the differences in James’ instructions to the 12 scattered tribes of Israel (Jas1:1; Ac8:1) under a law covenant (Ex19; 24; Jer31:31-34; Heb9:15-17; 8:8-10) with the requirements to hear and do it (Jas1:22-24; 2:8-13; Mt5-7; 23:1-3,23).  We deal with: 1) audience, 2) position and 3) doctrinal instructions.

Christ’s revelation of the mystery to Paul changed everything we know today about the means of salvation (Christ’s blood, death, burial and resurrection – by grace through FAITH; Rom4:16) for anyone at any time in history, while also allowing us to recognize that the terms offered to man for salvation in time past differed by God’s choice – “from faith to faith” (Rom1:16-17).  Uniquely, in this dispensation of God’s grace, the means of salvation and the terms for salvation are one in the same – trusting solely in the finished work of Christ on our behalf to save us freely (1Cor15:1-4; Eph2:8-9; Rom3:21-26; 4:4-5, 23-25).

Romans 4 – Abraham Justification Chart

Map_Saul’s Conversion (Acts 9; Galatians 1)

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