Genesis Accounts (Ch.1-11): Creation & Corruption


In this lesson we begin a series of chart lessons in overview of the Bible (use the image below as you follow along).  Having a proper understanding of salvation from sin by faith in Christ and his cross alone, we must understand the entrance of sin and death to all men by Adam, God’s righteous judgment of sinful humanity for their sins and his gracious and longsuffering response according to his character and future purpose in Christ.

[*Note: This lesson also includes a great series of questions regarding the importance of the various genealogies of Christ (Matthew 1, Luke 3 & John 1) declaring him to be son of Abraham & David, and, most notably, Son of God.]

Chart_Genesis 1-12



One thought on “Genesis Accounts (Ch.1-11): Creation & Corruption

  1. Perhaps if they would have eaten from the tree of life before they sinned (which was available for them to do )everything would have been different.



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