Survey: New Testament References to Isaiah Description: This lesson was taught at Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship amidst their verse by verse study in the book of Isaiah and surveys references to Isaiah in the “New Testament” portion of scripture. Isaiah prophesied of the revelation of Christ and Israel’s response. In Matthew through Acts, we see how these prophecies are fulfilled. … Continue reading Survey: New Testament References to Isaiah

Discussions: Chronology & Timeline | Christ’s Death & Resurrection

Image: Chronology & Timeline: Christ's Death & Resurrection Description: In this lesson, we address the oft overlooked conflict of religious tradition and Bible belief pertaining to our Lord's response to unbelieving Israel seeking a sign in Matthew 12:38-40: "Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign … Continue reading Discussions: Chronology & Timeline | Christ’s Death & Resurrection

Discussions: Prayer Posture (Romans 8 & 6)

Description: In this lesson we use Romans 8 and 6 to learn about our position in Christ.  With this understanding we consider our prayer posture to God in Christ (Rom5:1-2): Praying with Spiritual understanding (Rom8:5-7; 16, 26-27) Praying as a dead person (to sin & the world: Rom6:1-7) Praying as a living member of Christ's … Continue reading Discussions: Prayer Posture (Romans 8 & 6)