13 Reasons To Rethink You Ministry Pattern

Join us as we take a short break from our Tuesday night verse-by-verse study through second Corinthians. This lesson compares the ministry of the 12 Jesus chose during his earthly ministry to the ministry Christ gave to Paul after Jesus’ resurrection. Listen in on this lesson, “13 Reasons to Re-Think Your Ministry Beginning and Pattern.”

  1. Overview – mp3 | Video | Outline
  2. Comparing Time & Content (Part 1) – mp3 | Outline
  3. Comparing Time & Content (Part 2) – mp3 | Outline
  4. Comparing Time & Content (Part 3) – mp3 | Outline
  5. Comparing Apostolic Number & Qualification – mp3 | Outline
  6. Comparing Message, Provision & Delivery of Salvation – mp3 | Outline

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