Discussions: Recognizing the End of the World

Description:  In this lesson we address the question of why over 2,000 years has passed since Christ (and God, through the prophet Daniel) prophesied the end of the world would come some 7 years after the cutting off of the Messiah (Daniel 9).  Can we recognize the signs of Christ’s return?  Are we living in those times?  Are even supposed to be seeking after those timely signs?

Learn how the revelation of the mystery Christ’s body and dispensation of God’s grace answers the question of God’s abundance of longsuffering toward a present evil world that has rejected him, his prophets, Son and Spirit-filled apostles.

Christ appeared to Paul, as one born out of “due time” (Rom5:6; 1Cor15:8; 1Tim2:6; Ti1:3), revealing all men concluded under sin and without strength having salvation purchased and eternal life offered freely by the blood of his cross.  Praise God for his grace and peace!

Here is another lesson on the same topic:

Fort Leonard Wood Bible Seminar | Session 2: Information in the Bible – Prophecy vs. Mystery (The Bible-Believing Position to the 2,000 Year Gap)

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