Discussions: Prayer Posture (Romans 8 & 6)

FGBS_Walking After the SpiritDescription: In this lesson we use Romans 8 and 6 to learn about our position in Christ.  With this understanding we consider our prayer posture to God in Christ (Rom5:1-2):

  1. Praying with Spiritual understanding (Rom8:5-7; 16, 26-27)
  2. Praying as a dead person (to sin & the world: Rom6:1-7)
  3. Praying as a living member of Christ’s body (Rom6:8-18)
  4. Praying as a servant of righteousness (Rom6:19-23)
  5. Praying thankfully to God for his unspeakable gift by grace (Rom6:22-23)

Images: Liberated to Walk After the SpiritHow God Works In You


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