Discussions: Receipt of the Spirit in this Dispensation of God’s Grace

Description: In this lesson, we take a break from the context of Mark 3:29 and the blaspheming of the Holy Ghost to address how one is redeemed, receives, is sealed, regenerated in an unending and irrevocable operation of God the Holy Ghost placing them in the body of Christ (Col2:6-17).

Members of Christ’s body are NOT candidates for the unforgiveable sin in blaspheming of the Holy Ghost, as God has already:

  1. Made Christ sin for them (2Cor5:21)
  2. Made atonement for their sins (Rom5:11)
  3. Forgiven them for Christ’s sake (Eph4:32)
  4. Forgiven them through Christ’s blood (Eph1:7; Col1:14)
  5. Forgiven them all trespasses (Col2:13)
  6. Moved them from Adam (1Cor15:22, 45-49; Rom5:12,15-19)
  7. Made them a new creature in Christ (1Cor12:13; 2Cor5:17; Eph2:15; Gal6:15)

In this dispensation of God’s grace, by faith in the gospel of Christ (Rom1:16; 1Cor15:1-4; Rom16:25; 2Cor5:17-21), sinners are baptized into Christ’s death…AND resurrection.  In other words, as Christ died unto sin once, so did the believer.  As Christ is resurrected bodily, so will the believer.  In the meantime, we are quickened by the Holy Ghost and instructed to walk in newness of the life we already have secure in Christ Jesus until the day of redemption (Rom6; 8; Eph1:12-14; 2:1-10; 4:30)!

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