Discussions: Christ’s Childhood, Presenting the Gospel Clearly & Asceticism…Oh my!


In this lesson we begin addressing the following questions:

  1. What’s the deal with Christmas?  Was Christ born in December?
  2. What about Christ’s life from birth to baptism?
  3. How about Nuns?
  4. How to present the gospel of God’s grace clearly?

While we do not get into the verses of showing the date of Christ’s birth, we do address “Christ-mass” as a tradition, what we are instructed to remember and glory in (birth or death), and a survey of the verses tracking Christ’s age and surrounding events.

For more on this topic, read and listen to following FGBS Resources:

Audio Lesson: Matthew 1:18-25

A Biblical Dating of Christ’s Birth

Map: The Opening Events of Christ’s Life (Birth to Baptism)

Please pay particular attention to the discussion on presenting the clarity of the gospel to help someone see Christ died for their sins and resurrected by God’s grace to save them from their sins eternally.

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