Discussions: Communion in the Bible – Part 1


In this lesson, we begin a discussion about communion in the Bible.  This topic is one of much confusion and contention.  While there is a sense in which it is simple, there are many misunderstandings brought to the discussion that muddy the water.  To eat, or not to eat…that is the question.  See how rightly dividing the word of truth helps to dispel much of the confusion with communion.



Consider charting your course this way: 

  1. Take the Bible literally – let it steer you
  2. Take it dispensationally: prophecy vs. mystery (Heb1:1; Act3:19-21; Cf. Rom16:25)
  3. Christ revealed the mystery of the body of Christ to Paul (Eph3:1-12; Col1:25-27)
  4. Salvation is freely offered to all through Christ’s blood, death, burial & resurrection (Rom3:21-26; 1Cor15:1-4)
  5. Scripture must be rightly divided (2Tim2:15)
  6. Interpret the hard passages by the easy ones

Next, the following topics and passages should be studied and understood:

  1. Defining the beginning/end of the Old & New Testaments (Heb9:15-17)
  2. Israel’s Passover Instituted (Ex12:1-51)
  3. Christ as bread of life having the words of eternal life (John 6:26-68)
  4. Christ’s Passover meal with the disciples (Mt26:17-29; Mk14:12-25; Lu22:14-30)
  5. Communion, i.e. the Lord’s supper (1Cor10:15-17; 11:17-34; Cf. 2Cor6:14; 13:14)

Don’t forget the clear Pauline passages that have bearing on the topic:

  1. The body of Christ is a new creature, not Israel (Eph2-3:12; Gal6:15; 2Cor5:17; Col2:16-17)
  2. Christ sets Paul as apostle and pattern for the body of Christ (1Tim1:16; Rom11:13; 1Cor11:1; 14:37; Phil3:17; 2Tim1:1-11)
  3. The body of Christ is not under law (Rom6:14; Gal3:21-29)
  4. Meat does not commend man to God (1Cor8:1,8)
  5. The kingdom of God is not meat and drink (Rom14:17)
  6. No man can judge you in meat, drink or holy days (Col2:16-17; Gal4:9-11)
  7. Eating, drinking, all should be done to God’s glory (1Cor10:31)
  8. Members of Christ’s body partake and are perfected by and in him (1Cor2:6; Col2:9-10; Rom4:23-5:11)

If you miss the dispensation of God’s grace and revelation of the mystery of Christ’s body given to Paul, this topic will keep you so very uncertain of your complete communion with Christ by grace through faith in his atoning work by Calvary.

Have ye heard of the dispensation of God?  Are you aware of the revelation of the mystery given by Christ to Paul?  Have you seen the fellowship of the mystery? (Eph3:1; Rom16:25; Eph3:9)



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