Discussions: Healing in the Bible


In this lesson we discuss the topic of healing in the Bible.  While these points are not addressed explicitly in the audio, the following points are to be understood:

  1. Israel’s covenant with God held physical blessing and cursing (Lev26; Deu28)
  2. The church the body of Christ is not Israel and does not have a covenant with God (Ex19:5-6; Jer31:31-34; Heb8:8-10; Cf. Eph2:11-15; 2Cor5:17; Gal6:15)
  3. Death, sickness and disease are the consequence of sin, corrupt flesh and a present evil world (Rom5:12; Gal1:4)
  4. The tribulation commission “signs” stated by Christ in Mark 16:17-18 are to resume with the reconstitution of Israel (Rom11:11; 25-27) and will be utilized in the great tribulation (Mt24; Revelation 1-19), typified with Israel’s Exodus and wilderness wanderings (Exodus-Deuteronomy).
  5. God is able to heal (2Cor12:9; Eph3:20)
  6. God does not desire man to be sick and die, but to be reconciled and live (2Cor5:18-21; 2Tim1:9-10)
  7. Man deserves nothing but judgment and hellfire from God (Rom1-3:23)
  8. God, in Christ, put on flesh and died for our sins (Phil2:6-8; Rom5:6-11)
  9. By faith in what Christ has done, man is at peace with God (Rom5:1)
  10. God is not giving man sickness, disease and death for his glory (1Tim2:4-6; 2Tim1:8-11)
  11. God desires we pray and bring our requests to him (1Thess5:18; Rom12:12; Phil4:6)
  12. Paul is our apostle and pattern in this dispensation of God’s grace (Rom11:13; 1Tim1:16; Rom15:16)
  13. Prayer is to be with understanding, not ignorantly (1Cor14:15; 2Cor12:9)
  14. God’s grace is made perfect in weakness – we can and should glory in suffering not that God gave the suffering to you, but that he has provided his all sufficient grace to endure the sufferings of this present evil world
  15. We are to know that the sufferings of this present evil world are not worthy to be compared with our future glorification (Rom8:18)
  16. Paul himself learned and was instructed by Christ and his all sufficient grace to be content in whatever state he was in – good or bad – which is how all things can work together for good for those that love God and are the called according to his purpose (Phil4:9-13; Rom8:28)

Praise God for his all-sufficient grace through Christ’s cross and promise of eternal life through the resurrection, which is a more excellent hope than physical healing (Col1:9-10; Phil1:9-10; 1Cor2:6-16)!

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