Discussions: Heaven in the Bible


In this lesson we address God’s creative events to establish the heaven, which is differentiated by where the fowls fly, celestial bodies are suspended and God’s throne resides.  We press further in discussing descriptions of the throne in the third heaven (2Cor12:2) and conclude with a discussion of the creatures found therein.

Today, according to God’s revealed heavenly purpose for the new creature, the church the body of Christ (2Cor5:1-21; Rom16:25; Col1:24-27), Christ is ascended into heavenly glory, dwelling in light that no man can approach (1Tim6:16), and those that place their trust in what he did for them through his death, burial and resurrection to pay for their sins and offer eternal life freely to them by faith are, by the power of the Godhead, seated together in Christ eternally (Eph1-2:9)!  Our life is hid with Christ in God (Col3:1-3), and we are to look for his coming (Ti2:13) where we will be caught up together to ever be with the Lord (1Thess4:17).  Set your affections on that truth (Col3:2)!  Amen!

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