Discussions: Tithing in the Bible


Join us as we delve into the topic of tithing in the Bible, and why the thinking member of Christ’s body that rightly divides Scripture will see with clarity that tithing is not a correct teaching for us in this dispensation of God’s grace. According to the mystery of Christ’s body (Rom16:25; Eph3:1-6; Col1:25), we are not under nor subject to the law in all its various statutes and judgments (Rom6:14).

In this dispensation, the law is established (Rom3:31) as the righteous schoolmaster (Gal3:22-25), ministration of death and condemnation (2Cor3:7,9), showing men the knowledge of sin (Rom3:20). Once this function is served, we learn that Christ was made a curse for us (Gal3:13) and we have no more need for the schoolmaster, which is:

  1. weak (Gal3:9) through the flesh (Rom8:3)
  2. wrong doctrine (1Tim1:3,6-7), and
  3. teaches you are cursed of God for disobeying (Gal3:10,12; Cf. Mal3:7-10; Lev26 & 27)

Let’s stop the conflation of “tithing” and “giving” and stand in liberty (Gal5:1) on the mystery truth made known in this dispensation that the new creature (2Cor5:17; Gal6:15; Eph2:13-16), the body of Christ is not Israel (Rom11:11,25; Col2:14-17), not under law (Rom6:14), has no covenant with God (Eph2:11-12), and rather is to be constrained by God’s love (Rom5:8; 2Cor5:14), taught by his all-sufficient grace (Ti2:11-12) and peace (Rom5:1-2), complete in Christ (Col2:9-10; Eph2:10) to engage in the more excellent way (Phil1:9-10) of giving as you purpose in your heart (2Cor9:7-8).

Teachers of the law should sit down and be quiet (Ti1:11), because they will rob you of the riches you have in Christ Jesus (Col2:18; 1Tim1:6-7) – mark and avoid them (Rom16:17-18).

You have all spiritual blessings (Eph1:1-2:9 – acceptance, redemption, forgiveness, inheritance, power, wisdom, life, mercy, salvation) in heavenly places in Christ – FREELY (Rom3:24; 8:32; 1Cor2:12)!

Have ye heard of the dispensation of the grace of God? (Eph3:1-12)

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