Discussions: Baptism in the Bible


Join us as we address a question regarding baptism in the Bible.  What does it mean?  Do I have to get baptized to be saved?  Is there more than one type?  How do I make sense of this seemingly charged and pressed topic?

While we do not address all of the various passages, we deal with the following, critical considerations:

  1. Baptism does not mean water
  2. There are 10+ baptisms in the Bible (over half are dry)
  3. Jesus was baptized twice (water according to law | death by the cross)
  4. Christ gave Paul a mystery dispensation concerning the body of Christ
  5. There is one baptism in this dispensation
  6. The Spirit baptizes the believer into the body of Christ by faith in the Gospel of Christ (1Cor15:1-4; Eph1:12-14; Cf. 1Cor12:13; Rom1:16)

See the following attachment to cross-refer the aforementioned points:

11 Baptisms in the Bible


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