Discussions: Israel’s Future New Covenant, Millennial Kingdom & New Jerusalem


*Receiving audio limited

Join us as we discuss the topic of Israel’s future New Covenant (Jer31; Eze36; Heb8), Millennial Kingdom (Rev11; 20) and New Jerusalem (Rev21-22) – salvation and grace delivered to them that is yet future (Rom11:25-27; 1Pet1-2; 2Pe3; Ac3:19-21; 15:11).

With knowledge of the revelation of the mystery of Christ given to the apostle Paul concerning the dispensation of God’s grace and the institution of the new creature, the church which is his body (Rom16:25; 1Cor2; 12; Col1; Eph1-3), we are able to discern clearly between Israel and their covenants of promise as being solely for them, not the body of Christ (Col2:17; Gal6:15)  Furthermore, that Israel is currently fallen (Rom11:11, 25). Conversely, we can appreciate our present possession of salvation through Christ’s finished work on the cross and resurrection from the dead, not of Israel’s covenants or law performance (Rom3:21-26; 4:23-25; 5:7-11; 6:14; 1Cor15:1-4).

Nevertheless, all scripture is profitable and for our learning (2Tim3:16; Rom5:14), which allows us to take some dots and connect them to deal with particular questions concerning Israel’s return, and the consummation of God’s prophetic plan for them in their fulness (Rom11:15; Isa2).

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