Discussions: 1 Peter 2:12 – Discerning the Context


In this lesson we address a question regarding 1 Peter 2:12’s contrast of those Peter was writing to and the “Gentiles“.  We take the long route in establishing the covenant of circumcision from Genesis 17, through the establishment of Israel by the end of Genesis 50, their law covenant in Exodus 19 running all the way forward to Jesus Christ’s confirmation ministry to the circumcision (Rom15:9; Mt10:5-6), which continues through Acts 8.  Peter’s addressing of the chosen generation, royal priesthood and holy nation is an outright declaration of the scattered remnant of Israel who were strangers of their homeland – literal, earthly Israel.  The church the body of Christ is neither priesthood, nor nation (Israel) – we are a new creature (2Cor5:17; Eph2:15; Gal3:28; 6:15; Col2:16-17; 3:11) in Christ.   

Have ye heard of the dispensation of the grace of God (Eph3:1-12)?


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