The Fundamentals of Christianity: Overview – Truth and the Bible’s Claims

Description: In a “post-truth” world, how does one answer the most fundamental questions of origin, identity, purpose and the after-life?  What is truth?  Can it be known?

In this lesson, we appeal to these bedrock questions from a perspective of faith in the word of truth, God’s word, the Bible.  With revelation as a reality, we move forward understanding scripture as the means by which God makes truth known to man regarding all of life’s most important questions; not the least of which is Christ’s work to provide salvation freely to all men, for the purpose of the church, which is his body, performing the ministry of reconciliation to the world today.

Are you certain of your soul’s salvation today, or just ensnared by the “post-truth myth”?  Trust what Christ did for you today — be certain of this truth.

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