Matthew 8:1-17

Description: Join us in this lesson as we consider the miraculous healings that Christ performed to believing Israel amongst unbelieving Israel.  He identified with his nation in water baptism (Mt3:15), bore their infirmities up to the cross (Mt8:17), and paid for their Old Testament sins (Isa53; Heb9:15) at the cross to provide them their New Covenant Spirit to do the law (Eze36:27; Jer31:31).  Healings were a sign (Ex4:6-8) to the people requiring a sign (1Cor1:22), and this is precisely what Christ set out to do.

How wonderful it is to know that God has already reconciled us to himself by Christ (2Cor5:17-21), forgiven us all trespasses (Col2), and justified us by faith alone in his sufficient payment for our sins (Rom4:4-5; 23-25; 5:1-2).  Today, we have something that excels a healing: we have the promise of resurrection (Eph1:13-14; Rom8:18-23)!

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