Matthew 7:12-29

Description: Join us as we complete the “Sermon on the Mount”, endeavoring to illuminate Christ’s doctrine to the circumcision (Jn1:11; Rom15:8) for the Remnant (Jn1:12; Lu12:32) of Israel to judge one another righteously, the way to life carefully, and false prophets critically to overcome and rightfully enter the kingdom for access to the tree of life.

Knowing that Christ revealed the mystery doctrine (Rom16:17,25; 1Tim1:3) of our membership in Christ’s body by grace through faith (Eph2:8-10) in his completed work by Calvary, we can further discern that the “Sermon on the Mount” are not our marching orders (Rom6:14).  Our pattern, doctrine, position, walk and destiny in this dispensation are found in Paul’s epistles alone (1Tim1:16; 1Cor9:17; 14:37; Eph2:6; 3:1-12; Col1:25-27; 2:6-10).

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