Matthew 7:1-11

Description: In this lesson we continue our study in Matthew 7 addressing Christ’s greater damnation of the hypocritical judgment (Mt23:13-39; Rom2), the remnant of Israel’s need for proper judgment in kingdom preaching to Israel (Mt10:1-20), and their future authority to bind and loose (Mt16:19; 18:15-22; 19:28), in the name of Christ, actuated by the coming Comforter, the Spirit of truth (Jn14-16; 1Jn2:27).

While proper judgment is needful in any dispensation, according to the revelation of the mystery of Christ, those that place their trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross for their sins, are judicially forgiven all trespasses and accounted Christ’s righteousness eternally (2Cor5:17-21).  Reckon that to be true in your life today and you’ll be on your way toward the spiritual mind of Christ with spiritual wisdom and understanding (1Cor2:12-16; Col1:9-10).

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